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~All Canines Are Welcome~

-Introduction how to join-

:star: How to Join :star:

Joining the club is very simple and anyone is allowed to join; simply click the "join group" button on the left side of the page

:star: Submissions :star:

We accept all pictures of wolves, photographs or other media, however we would prefer you only submit your best pieces.

:bulletred: We will not accept:
- WIPs
- Screenshots of games, movies, etc.
- Commission journals/information
- Photos with too much fences in front of the Wolf/Dog
- Artwork which has been submitted to the wrong Folder
- Non-canine creatures (cats, etc.)
- Stolen images/images taken from Google

:star: How do I submit? :star:

To submit to a gallery simply go to the right folder you want and to the far right hand side there is a "+" click it to submit.

:bulletred: Submissions are limited to 5 pieces a week for Members.

-Where do I submit this-


Short Description of our folders so nobody should choose the wrong folder again.


- Domestic Canines - Foxes - etc
- Grey European Wolves
- Polar Wolves
- Timber Wolves
- Other Wolf Breeds
- Furries
- Manipulations


- Digital Wolves and Canines II
- Traditional Wolves and Canines
- Werewolves - Anthro
- Black-White - Linearts - Sketches for everything not fully colored!
- Mixed-Media - Both digital and traditional for art with a visible mix of traditional and digital components

No art trades or gift art!

- Okami
- Wolf's Rain
- Other Wolves and Canines like Twilight Princess, Pokemon, Balto etc.


- Adoptables - YCH
- Animations - Icons - Stamps - Pixels
- Literature - Comics
- Ref-Sheets
- Tribal and Tattoo Style
- Tutorials - Practice
- Miscellaneous for crafts, journal skins, etc.

All Submissions needs 2 votes to be accepted in this group.

:bulletred: Please recognize that you only send your best work in this group, to keep the gallery balanced. :bulletred:




Weekly Stats

nothing happening
5 accepted
30 accepted, 9 denied
nothing happening
1 accepted
nothing happening

-Point donations-

:star: Please donate :star:


Our supergroup status is renewed for 2016! You can still donate for next year supergroup or maybe activities!

Recent Journal Entries


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CameronKobe Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You don't accept DeviantArt muro works? :noes:  I love wolves (and Stygma) and came here to help out with the supergroup wish and maybe submit my wolf pic, but I basically only work in DeviantArt muro. Maybe not appropriate for me to help ^^;  Anyway, I hope that there is a strong justification for not accepting DeviantArt muro works, and not just an assumption that everything created in that medium is rubbish.
(1 Reply)
lady-amarillis Featured By Owner Edited Oct 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I have a new artwork with white wolves maybe You will like it :)…
Lady Amarillis - Alina
Souls-of-Fire Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
My brother has a wolf group that he no longer has time to run and is looking for a new founder.
If you could please share this journal for him it would be a great help in , 
Thank you…
(1 Reply)
ShaneTheWolf Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
hello^^ :D
(1 Reply)
sakkali Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I had a question, my fursona is a wolf x snow leopard mix, am I allowed to post art of her in this group? because I don't see any folder for mixed species with canines, so I was wondering if I just upload to the folders naturally even if she's not a wolf 100%?
(1 Reply)
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